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Big Steel Renews Push Into Home Buildings

Steelmakers want home builders to test their metal.

The steel industry is targeting consumers like Dan and Pattie Nickel, who are putting up a $2.5 million, 10,000-square-foot, Spanish Colonial-style hacienda in San Clemente, Calif., overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In June, when they started building their "Casa Nada" (so named because i...

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Resurgence in Metal Roofings

What's been coming back into fashion in the architectural market in the past decade is homeowner interest in residential metal roofing. These days, metal commands only 4 percent of the residential roofing market, but the Metal Roofing Alliance, a trade group based in Gig Harbor, Wash., anticipates a 10 percent share by 2004 and a 25 percen...

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Historic Metal Roofs

Of the inorganic roofing materials used on historic buildings, the most common are perhaps the sheet metals: lead, copper, zinc, tin plate, terne plate, and galvanized iron. In varying degrees each of these sheet metals are likely to deteriorate from chemical action by pitting or streaking. This can be caused by airborne pollutants; acid ...

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Mantaining your metal roof

Although an old metal roof can be an object of beauty, it will not live out half it's years without proper maintenance. At least twice a year, the roof should be inspected against a checklist. A coat of high quality Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Paint should be kept on the roof at all times. Exposed metal should never be allowe to remain expose...

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