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Feedback and pictures from a contractor re Calbar Shower-Proof WB

Dave, I had a great experience with the product. I included some pics of the finished roof. I will have to look for some before shots. Here is what I particularly liked: 1. product was very easy to work with. Mixed easily, dried quickly, didn't run and applied easily. 2. The paint has uncanny adhesion properties. The roof has a pretty good pitch to it. That meant I was putting a lot of pressure on it with my feet to stay on the roof. After the first coat, I assumed that I would damage the fresh first coat a bit just being on it to put the second coat on it. But what I found was the adhesion was so strong, even being fresh, that I did almost no damage at all to the first coat. I also was able to build the coat pretty thick and have absolutely full confidence there won't be any leaks. 3. I liked how I could mix the ready mix green with some black to come up with my own custom color that matched my newer back roof very closely (pics attached). 4. Bottom line - if the roof holds up as well as I think it will (10 years plus), then I would rate this product 10 out of 10. I appreciate your follow-up and help during the process. I have multiple other properties that I will be using your product on in the future. Thanks, Matt
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1)* I used 10 gallons on the first coat, and 11 on the second. I went a bit heavier on the second coat on purpose. Averaged out to just about the spec'd coverage.

2) Different View

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