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Byzantine Domes

Years of rain and a poorly maintained structure have left their mark on these classic Byzantine Domes. The domes were originally constructed with cement, fiberglass and lathe. Church members volunteered many saturdays to repair these domes with excellent results
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There were places where the domes had completely deteriorated causing the volunteers to completely rebuild parts of the roof.

After the dome was repaired using concrete and mesh, the tar paper was laid down and attached

"Calbar Roof Sealer" was applied directly to the tar paper. Two coats were applied resulting in 30 dry mil for waterproofing

The second phase of the restoration can be seen on the top of the middle dome. "Showerproof WB" is used as a primer coat between the "Calbar Roof Seal" and the third phase which is "Showerproof WB Gold". DON'T STEP BACK BRIAN!

The front doors on the church are going to be copper clad to finish the job.

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