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Shower-Proof 'WB'

A premium quality, acrylic, elastomeric, decorative tin roof paint for use on all common metal roofing and rain-carrying products (without a primer) including? FollansbeeTM Terne IITM. This product is "Shower-Proof" in just 1 hour.

Calbar Roof Seal (CRS)

CRS is a single component urethane, modified with Micaceous Iron Oxide flakes and fire retardant chemicals.? It is especially designed as a waterproofing membrane for all kinds of roofing.? CRS is tough and elastic with a high tensile stren

Shower ProofTM

A premium quality, long oil alkyd coating especially formulated for coating previously painted metal roofing

Metal Siding Paint

Calbar Metal Siding Paint represents the best technology in high performance water-based paint.


10-520 offers superior rust protection and adhesion that is unique for an alkyd type primer when top-coated with the Calbar line of roof paints.

Shower-proof WB Clearkote

SHOWER-PROOF "WB" Clearkote is a 100% Acrylic Polymer Coating.? It is designed as a clear gloss coat over Calbar Showerproof "WB" roof paints, where the flat finish of "WB" may be undesirable.? Clearkote provides an additional protective


A premium quality, slow-drying linseed oil-based primer and finish coat for use on lead/tin plated terne metal roofing only. Recommended for spot priming exposed and rusted areas of old terne only.