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Metal Siding Paint
* Low Maintenance
* Water Based 100% Acrylic Soap and Water Cleanup
* Brush, Roll or Spray Semi-Gloss
* Low Odor
* Long Lasting Mold and Mildew Resistant
* Fast Drying Resists Peeling, Fading and Blistering
Calbar Metal Siding Paint represents the best technology in high performance water-based paint. This 100% acrylic paint is formulated and developed specifically for use on exterior metal siding panels. This paint features excellent one-coat coverage with tenacious adhesion and dries quickly for a long lasting protective and decorative finish. Calbar Metal Building Paint resists peeling, fading and blistering. It exhibits exceptional film durability and color fastness. Apply by brush roller or spray it on. Clean up easily with soap and water. This product is mold and mildew resistant, low odor, and coats most surfaces without a primer. There are eight standard metal wall panel colors available with a 10 year limited warranty.

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