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  Products » Historic Roof Paint » Shower ProofTM
Shower ProofTM
  • Apply to All Metals
  • No Primer Needed
  • Dries in4 Hours
  • Can be used on Masonry & Soft Wood
  • Rust Inhibitor


A premium quality, long oil alkyd coating especially formulated for coating previously painted metal roofing. Also an excellent rust inhibitive coating for other ferrous-metal roof and rain carrying products such as flashings, valleys, skylights, downspouts and gutters. Suitable for application to many masonry and soft wood surfaces. It is "SHOWER-PROOFTM " 4 hours after application and dries in 24 hours to a glossy, tough, elastic, long wearing coating.

The oil-based coatings dry to a gloss. This product will change to a matte finish in approximately one year. For a gloss finish, apply one coat of Clearcoat 44. Not to be applied directly to metal.

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