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  Products » Metal Roof Paints » Shower-Proof 'WB'
Shower-Proof 'WB'
  • Apply to All Metals
  • No Primer Needed
  • Dries in 1 Hour-Flat Finish
  • Roll or Spray On
  • Less Surface Preparation

A waterborne acrylic, elastomeric tin roof paint for use on all metal roofing without a primer, including FollansbeeTM Terne IITM. SHOWER-PROOF "WB" is a faster drying, longer lasting, easier to apply, waterborne alternative to linseed oil historic metal roof paints used in the restoration of a metal roof. A premium quality, acrylic, elastomeric, decorative tin roof paint for use on all common metal roofing and rain-carrying products (without a primer) including FollansbeeTM Terne IITM. This product is "Shower-Proof" in just 1 hour. This low-gloss, co-polymer formulation combines durability and anti-corrosive properties into a product that will enhance and protect the restoration investment of your metal roof for many years. "WB" dries to a flat finish. For a gloss finish, apply one coat of WB Clearcoat.

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