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  Products » Historic Roof Paint » Calbar Roof Seal (CRS)
Calbar Roof Seal (CRS)

* Remains flexible at low temperatures; won t flow at high temperatures.
* Won t get hard and crack with age.
* Exhibits good adhesion to aluminum, tin, corrugated steel, concrete, urethane foam, asphalt roofing.
* Highly compatible with E.P.D.M. and other rubber roofs.
* Provides long-lasting waterproofing in all climatic extremes.
* Protects against UV deterioration
CRS is a single component urethane, modified with Micaceous Iron Oxide flakes and fire retardant chemicals. It is especially designed as a waterproofing membrane for all kinds of roofing. CRS is tough and elastic with a high tensile strength and good puncture resistance, and contains corrosion-inhibiting pigments for protection against rust and acid rain.

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