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Calbar in a Nutshell  

Calbar Roof Paints have been preserving and restoring metal roofs for almost 90 years. This is a unique product developed to withstand the harsh treatment that weather and ultra-violet degradation can inflict on a metal roof. It will not blister or peel and when applied correctly will be maintenance free for a minimum of ten years. Proper preparation is the key to success. Approximately 80% of all paint failures is due to improper surface preparation so this step should not be overlooked. Begin by power washing the entire surface with 3500 psi. Much of the old paint and rust will be removed. Using TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) in the power washer or alone with a scrub brush will insure a very clean surface. Rinse the TSP thoroughly. For a metal roof that has been previously coated with an aluminum asphalt coating, much or all of it can be removed by hitting the metal surface with a 1 inch rubber hose. The asphalt will pop off of the roof, and the coating that is potentially damaging to your metal will be removed.

After cleaning the roof, inspect for weak areas that can cause leaks such as flashing, seams, pin holes and fasteners. If these are defective, repair with CRS (Calbar Roof Seal) or CRS and Mesh. CRS is also an exceptional rust inhibitive primer, and can be used in place of the 10-520 primer for maximum rust protection. (See Step 1)

For existing rust, spot prime the rusted areas with 10-520. Spraying Calbar 10-520 rust inhibitive roof primer is acceptable but we strongly recommend that the primer be brushed or sprayed and worked into the surface with a brush while still wet. Spray painting alone will not get the paint down into tiny pinholes and crevices but will only "bridge" these areas resulting in premature failure as the moisture and oxygen will attack the exposed steel. (See Step 2)

After the roof has been sealed against leaks, and primed against rust, apply 2 coats of Showerproof “WB” for beautiful protection. (See Step 3)

Showerproof “WB” dries to a flat finish. If a semi-gloss finish is desired, you may apply the Showerproof Clearkote as an optional step. The Clearcoat will offer a shiny finish, an additional level of protection, and will enhance & protect your color coat. (See Step 4)

(Step 1) Calbar Roof Seal (CRS)

(Note-If your roof in NOT leaking, move to "Step 2")

DESCRIPTION: CRS is a single component urethane, modified with Micaceous Iron Oxide flakes and fire retardant chemicals. It is especially designed as a waterproofing membrane for all kinds of roofing. CRS is tough and elastic with a high tensile strength and good puncture resistance, and contains corrosion-inhibiting pigments for protection against rust and acid rain.


Remains flexible at low temperatures; will not flow at high temperatures.

Will not get hard and crack with age.

Exhibits good adhesion to aluminum, tin, corrugated steel, concrete, urethane foam, asphalt roofing.

Highly compatible with E.P.D.M. and other rubber roofs.

Provides long-lasting waterproofing in all climatic extremes.

Protects against UV deterioration.

(Step 2) 10-520 Primer For Rusty Surfaces

(Note-If you have NO rust on your roof, move to "Step 3")

DESCRIPTION: 10-520 offers rust inhibitive adhesion that is unique when top-coated with SHOWER-PROOF “WB”.


Quick dry, recoat in 2 hours.

V. O. C. Compliant.

Unusually good adhesion, even on hard to coat substrates.

Hard, tough, and flexible corrosion resistant finish.

Available in rust inhibitive red oxide.

(Step 3) Shower-Proof “WB”

DESCRIPTION: Fast drying, Long lasting, Easy to apply, Waterborne Elastomeric Roof Paint


For ALL roof metals including Terne ll.

Needs no primer.

Acrylic, elastomeric formulation adheres where others fail.

Dries in 1 hour ,Recoat in 4 hours, (at 70F and 50% relative humidity)- Dries to a flat finish.

May be brushed rolled or sprayed.

Soap and water cleanup.

Two coats will typically protect for 10 years.

When in doubt, “WB”!

(Step 4) Shower-Proof “WB” Clearkote

DESCRIPTION: Designed as a clear gloss coat over Calbar Shower-proof “WB” roof paints, where the flat finish of “WB” may be undesirable. Clearkote provides an additional protective coating which in most cases will extend the life of the color coat. It also maintains color integrity and aids in dirt pickup resistance. Three year exposure results show excellent durability with virtually no loss in appearance or film integrity. Clearkote dries to a tough, flexible clear gloss finish.


Excellent adhesion to previously painted surfaces.

V. O. C. Compliant.

Maintains color integrity, prevents fading and chalking.

Clearkote may be brushed, rolled or sprayed, with spraying as the preferred method.

Soap and water cleanup.

Resists dirt pick up with its Gloss finish

Extends the wear life of roof coatings.